Gerry Halliwell is a man who works for the North American Treatment of Homosexuality Society (NATHS), a company Riley Stavros found while searching the Internet. He gives Riley information about a counseling plan that would "degay" him. He tells Riley that he used to be like him, but through NATHS, he was able to "choose his future".

Character History

Season 9

In Beat It (2), after punching Sam in the face, Riley is forced to write a paper on non-violent conflict resolution. In a fit of anger, Riley is not able to write the paper, and searches "how to not be gay" in a search engine. He finds the NATHS website, and visits the next day, where he meets Gerry.

Gerry tells Riley that there is a lot of support for people like him, and that they could arrange one-on-one therapy with a recommend psychologist. Riley confesses that his feelings are making him crazy and that he wishes they would just go away. Gerry says he can embrace a gay lifestyle, or the life that he wants. Riley tells him he won't be embracing any gay lifestyle, which causes Gerry to smile. He reveals to Riley that he used to be like Riley, but through therapy, he was able to choose his future, and now has a wife and two kids. Riley asks him if he is happy, and Gerry tells him he is happier than he was.

He gives Riley a brochure on the program, and says they can talk about a counseling plan after he has read the literature.

The next day, Riley visits Gerry again and frantically tells him to fix him, cure him, whatever it would take. Gerry tells him that it takes a lot of time, years of reorientation therapy, to achieve the desired state. He mentions that insurance does not cover degaying therapy, and he asks Riley if he has asked his parents about the program, as it would cost around $2000 total.


Riley frantically asking Gerry to fix him.

Riley asks him if the program is a scam in response, and Gerry angrily tells Riley that it would require extensive behavioral modification, saying he is only trying to help Riley. He tells Gerry that he will figure it out on his own, and Gerry says that it requires more than just finding the right girl. Riley retorts that it couldn't hurt and walks out of Gerry's office. Riley never returns to Gerry's office, as he has decided to take anger management classes instead.