Glen was a senior at Borden High School. He was in Season 3 of Degrassi Junior High and was portrayed by Marc Betsworth.

Character History

In Can't Live With 'Em, Part One, he was one of the senior students at Borden High School giving tour guides for the grade student students from Degrassi Junior High who were going to be taken part-time classes that year.

In A Big Girl Now, he attended the party at Lucy Fernandez's house that was exclusive to only the older students (and/or just the friends of Paul and Clutch) of Borden High; they wouldn't let Lucy's own friends attend also.

In Taking Off, Part One, he was the drug dealer who sold Luke Matthews and Shane McKay the very acid that caused Shane's life altering brain injury. Since Glen was a brief minor character in his first appearance not much was known about him so it remains unknown whether or not if Glen truly was the drug dealer or just a look alike.