Gloria Chin was a student and head cheerleader at Newman High School, but is currently in Juvenile Hall for pretending to be abducted and held for ransom. She is portrayed by Nicole Samantha Huff.

Character History

Season 14

In Firestarter (1), Tiny and Zig compete to get her phone number. While Tiny fails, Zig manages to get her attention for a while by taking off his shirt. However, she finds out about the Power Cheer scandal and is furious that Zig is defending Zoë. Grace manages to get her number.

In Don't Look Back, she flirts with Zig in front of Maya, which caused Maya to fail her lifeguard training. She then steals Maya's dream job, before going missing.


  • Gloria carries a stain kit with her; according to her, the cheerleaders have to look perfect.
  • She has an older boyfriend who worked for the mayor's office with Frankie.
  • Gloria has a successful YouTube lifestyle channel about "Seriously Sweet Treats".
  • Currently in juvie for faking her kidnapping with her boyfriend and for trying to cheat her parents and Frankie out of Money.


  • "I don't make a habit of giving my number to strange guys, sorry."