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Goldi-Baaz (Siblings)
General Information
Intimacy Level Siblings
The sibling relationship between Goldi and Baaz Nahir began when Baaz was born in 2000.


Season 15

In #NotAllMen, Goldi is in the same room as Baaz, watching him play in his video game competition. Goldi and Maya get Baaz's video game club shut down through The Feminist Club.

Season 17

In #BreakTheInternet, Baaz is standing with Goldi and Rasha as they talk to Zoë after her speech. Rasha, a Syrian refugee, is staying with Goldi and Baaz's family.

In #WorstGiftEver, they discuss Rasha's decision whether to wear a hijab. Goldi says she's so sick of feeling different from everyone else, and Goldi asks where she should compromise with her Muslim beliefs. Baaz suggests that she doesn't have to wear her hijab to be Muslim or to feel less different than everyone else.


  • Goldi and Baaz have had very little interaction together, which was revealed to be because the writers did not want to canonise relationship as siblings in the case they didn't need to be take this route for their characters.


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