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Goldi-Rasha Friendship
General Information
Intimacy Level Best Friends, Housemates
Friendship Started Before BreakTheInternet (1701)
Friendship Status Friends
The friendship between Goldi Nahir and Rasha Zuabi began during the seventeenth season of Degrassi.


When Rasha immigrated from Syria to Canada, the Nahir family took her in due to their mutual faith. Goldi and Rasha take different approaches to their personal definition of what it means to be Muslim and how their religion to guide their lives. Goldi had unintentionally insulted Rasha when she explained what she thought it meant to be a good Muslim, causing a brief riff in their friendship. Rasha explained to Goldi that she does want to be her friend, and that she was never mad at her, and asked her to be a little more accepting of others faith.

Season 17



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