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Goldi-Zoë Friendship
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General Information
Intimacy Level Friends
Friendship Started Prior to #BreakTheInternet (16)
Friendship Status Friends
The friendship between Goldi Nahir and Zoe Rivas began during the sixteenth season of Degrassi.


Season 16

Season 17

Zoë is student council president, while Goldi is VP. At first, Zoë hides her sexuality from Goldi. Later after an incident with the QSA, she comes out to her, which Goldi is fine with. They get into a minor crash after Vijay posts a video outing Zoë.

Goldi tells Zoë the QSA won't back down their protest, and Zoë says they will combine the prayer room and the QSA's office.

Goldi seems proud of Zoë coming out and she introduces Rasha to her.



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