Grandma Baker
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Family Unnamed Husband
Becky Baker (Granddaughter)
Luke Baker (Grandson)
Reverend Baker (Son)
Mrs. Baker (Daughter-in-Law)
Bodie (Pet)
Tia (Pet)
Relationships Unnamed Husband
First Episode Something's Got to Give (1409)
Last Episode Something's Got to Give (1409)
Reason Storyline ended
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Judy Marshak

Grandma Baker is the mother of Reverend Baker, the mother-in-law of Mrs. Baker, and the grandmother of Becky and Luke Baker. She is portrayed by Judy Marshak.

Character History

Season 14

Becky grandma baker drew

Becky, Drew and Becky's grandmother sitting together at the dinner table.

In Something's Got to Give, Drew Torres ditches his birthing class with Clare Edwards to meet Becky's grandmother, and Becky quizzes Drew on questions that her grandmother might ask. Grandma Baker seems to like Drew until she learns that he is expecting a child. Becky is furious that Drew mentioned the baby in front of her grandmother and ruined dinner.


Season 13

In Believe (2), Luke and Becky talk before the trail begins and Luke asks Becky if she remembers the time when they were 6 and she dropped Grandma Baker's ring down the drain, he covered for her until she confessed the next day.


  • Becky warned Drew to not mention evolution in front of her.
  • She has a Cocker Spaniel named Tia and a Yorkshire Terrier named Bodie.