Greg is a man whom Evelyn Valieri met online. The two were interested in each other, and Evelyn invited Greg over for dinner at her house with her family. Although the date appeared to have went quite well, Greg was not seen again, so it can be assumed that they did not pursue a relationship.

Character History

Season 7

In Everything She Wants, Lucas Valieri mentions to Mia Jones that he is annoyed that he has to be at home for dinner, because his mother's newest "net dork date" is coming. Jane Vaughn asked him to be nice for their mother despite his aggravation.


Greg with Evelyn and Isabella.

That night, at dinner, Greg eats with Evelyn and her family, consisting of Lucas, Jane, Mia, and Isabella Jones. Evelyn mentions to Lucas that Greg probably knows as much about baseball as he does, and Greg tells him to "shoot" any question at him. However, Lucas asks him if he is happy that he had to skip watching the baseball game with his father to eat dinner with him, pointing out that he was the man there for the family before Evelyn kicked him out. In response, Jane mentions that their father was never actually around. Greg says that everyone has had their troubles, ups, and downs in life, and Evelyn says that he is right and that it was not the right time to talk about Lucas's and Jane's father. Greg compliments Mia on Isabella, saying that she is very smart, and he smiles when Mia tells him that she has been using cheerleading cheers to teach Isabella how to spell.

After dinner, Greg sits on the couch next to Evelyn and Isabella, who are playing a baseball game on the Wii. When Mia tells Lucas how Isabella is interested in the baseball game, Lucas asks, "Are you sure she isn't defecting to Team Greg?", but Lucas apologizes to her, saying he is resentful because of his own father.

The next day, Mia invites Lucas over to her house, but he instead invites her over to his house, as Greg is taking Evelyn away for the weekend. Johnny DiMarco teases Lucas, asking, "Did you kiss Daddy goodbye?" He is not seen after this.