Hank was a student who attended Degrassi Junior High until September 1987 when he was in grade 8. He was also one of Joey Jeremiah's friends and a bully.

Original Degrassi: Season 1

In Kiss Me, Steph, he was first seen at his locker near a broom closet, when Joey Jeremiah who was
Hank a minor character well very minor that is


picking on Arthur Kobalewsky about showing him to his classroom when instead as a joke he was leading him to a broom closet that could only be opened from the outside. When Joey was about to lead Arthur into the broom closet he saw Hank nearby and he introduced Hank to him. Hank went along with Joey's prank and helped lead Arthur into the broom closet. When the closet was closed trapping Arthur in there he begun to laugh and did a hand shake with Joey and called Arthur a broomhead. Later on he was seen as one of the many guys who lined up to kiss Stephanie as a promise to vote for her in the school election. He was also later seen with the bunch of boys who were encouraging and announcing Stephanie's unethical voting campaign he claimed he would vote for Stephanie if she would wear a bikini. Later on he was seen picking on Arthur again he was helping Joey carry him so they could lock him up inside a locker, while he and Joey were distracted talking with Stephanie she helped Arthur escape. When he noticed Arthur was gone he pointed it out to Joey and he and Joey went looking for him. Afterwards he was never seen or mentioned again. Hank was portrayed by Billie Mintz.