Hazel Aden and Terri MacGregor were close friends during middle and early high school. After her best friend Ashley Kerwin was ostracized by many of the students at Degrassi in Season 2, Terri became closer with Paige Michalchuk and the popular crowd. Terri bonded with Paige's best friend Hazel in particular, likely due to the fact that Hazel, like Terri was less aggressive than queen bee Paige. Hazel became Terri's confidante during her volatile relationship with Rick Murray. Unfortunately, Hazel's positive influence was not enough to keep Terri from reuniting with her abusive boyfriend. In Season 3, Terri, after being put into a coma by Rick's abuse, left Degrassi, and it is unknown if the two kept in touch.

Friendship History


Season 1

The first time the two are seen together is in Jagged Little Pill, at Ashley's house, along with Paige. At first they are watching a movie, but as more guests come it becomes a party.

Season 2

In Mirror in the Bathroom, Hazel supported Terri when she was being made fun of after becoming a plus-sized model. She and Paige defended her when a boy named, Mohammed called her baluga. She also complimented Terri when she stood up to Mohammed and told him off.

In Tears Are Not Enough (2), they were both concerned about Craig Manning after the death of his father Albert Manning.

Season 3

After helping Terri figure out who her secret admirer was in Whisper to a Scream, Hazel supported Terri and Rick's relationship until Paige and Hazel started noticing bruises on Terri in Never Gonna Give You Up. After convincing her to break up with Rick, Terri eventually forgave him and started dating him again in Don't Dream It's Over, much to Hazel's dismay. While Hazel and Terri were on a road trip together with Paige, Spinner, Jimmy, and Rick, Rick put Terri into a coma and Terri and Hazel did not interact again after she woke up.