Heart Like Mine (1) is the eleventh episode of Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on November 15, 2009 in Canada, and on April 9, 2010 in the United States.


K.C.'s life is on the fast track, but when he and Clare start to grow apart, he turns to Coach Carson for emotional support. He trusts the coach's advice on the basketball court, but can he trust his advice about girls?

Main Plot

K.C. and Clare begin to grow apart as K.C. flirts with Jenna. K.C. falls for Jenna and is persuaded by Coach Carson to dump Clare for her. K.C. does as he is told. The two begin to bond even more. It appears to be nothing more but a simple mentor-apprentice relationship until Coach Carson and K.C. drink beer and watch porn together.

Sub Plot

Holly J. is still dating Declan and is happy when her friend Marco becomes a student teacher. They take advantage of Marco to get out of assignments, but Marco is then confronted by the teacher who says if he doesn't make them do it, he will be fired. He gets mad at Holly J. for getting him in trouble. She texts him and says she thought they were friends. Marco then confronts her and they make up with them finally doing the essays.

  • School Marquee: "Athletics Dept Fundraiser Car Wash!"

  • "Panther" by The Morlocks
  • "Wrap Your Love Around Me" by The Village Green
  • "Summer's Here" by Pearly Gate Crashers
  • "Step Stones" by Surplus Sons
  • "Tonight" by The Johnstones
  • "Natural Disaster" by Larry May
  • "Lovestruck" by Nat Jay