Heat of the Moment is the twelfth episode of Season 8 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on February 15, 2009 in Canada, and on March 8, 2009 in the United States.


After Alli is continuously taunted by Holly J., Alli starts a hate group about her and posts hurtful things about her on Degrassi's popular Internet social networking site, Facerange. Meanwhile, Peter is pressured into helping his father with his half-sister, Angel.

Main Plot

Holly J. is watching the Power Squad practice, and Alli makes a comment to her while walking by with Clare. Holly J. tells her to shut her mouth, and Alli says that she is bitter about romance. Holly J. says Alli wouldn't know anything about romance, which makes Alli admit she's going out with Johnny DiMarco. Holly J. doesn't believe it, and goes up to Johnny and asks him in front of his friends, which he denies. Johnny then breaks up with Alli, and Alli snaps at her for ruining her relationship and that she can't be mean to her. Holly J. says she doesn't need a reason to be mean to Alli.

Alli then foolishly starts a group on Facerange called "I Hate Holly J.", which many of the fellow classmates sign up for. Clare is obviously against this course of action, even though she too is not happy with Holly J. herself. After finding the page, Holly J. confronts Alli, insulting her. Alli then sees threatening comments about Holly J. from people who had joined her group.

Then the next day, Clare is stating that Alli's actions are going way too far, but Alli denies it, especially when Bruce the Moose, along with Derek, leads the whole cafeteria (obviously excluding Clare, who is severely disappointed in Alli) in chanting "I hate Holly J.". Everyone's chanting, especially Anya, causes Holly J. to run out of the cafeteria, tears running down her face. She apparently does not return to school or work, because of fear of growing hate towards her.

Alli then randomly gets called to the office by Mr. Simpson and her father, where they discuss that her actions were unethical. Even though she gets suspended from school, she still refuses to believe that her actions were wrong, stating to her brother Sav, who also knows that she should not have done what she had done, even though he too has something against Holly J., that "it was totally worth it."  Suddenly, he gets a call from their father, who says the Sinclairs called the police on her for the threats on the group. Alli still believes that Holly J. is just trying to make her life miserable, even after the cops explain to her clearly that her actions were illegal as well as just plain mean and that she now has a criminal record. Anya and Alli go over to Holly J.'s house and, after seeing what a depressed mess Holly J. is, Alli sees that what she did was wrong. Holly J. reveals that she did not hate Alli.  She also states that she is not returning to Degrassi and that Alli got what she wanted.

A few days later, the group is deleted, and Alli apologizes to the school and Holly J. about her actions. She also realizes that since Johnny could not stand up for her, he does not deserve her. Unfortunately, many people at school still do not like Holly J., which is made clear by Derek and Bruce.

Sub Plot

While Mia is hanging out with Peter (and Angel, his half-sister), Mia tells him that he looks cute with her. When Peter makes a comment that he shouldn't be taking care of other people's babies, Mia takes offense to his comment. Peter then apologizes for saying what he did because he is actually jealous, and then reveals the reason why: his father never paid a lot of attention to him. Mia advises him to confront his dad, and Peter leaves with Angel to do just that. She is then seen with Peter and Angel at school.

  • 411 people join the Facerange group against Holly J., including Anya MacPherson, Derek Haig and Chantay Black.
  • In this episode, Alli receives a criminal record.
  • This episode is famous for revealing the peak of the amount of people who have a bone to pick with Holly J.
  • This is the second episode in which someone was bullied by almost everyone at Degrassi. The first was Mercy Street, in which Rick Murray was the victim of bullying.
  • Although Holly J. promises that she will stop bullying from now on, she reverts to her old ways after this episode. However, she later becomes kinder.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Derek Haig.
  • This episode is named after the song "Heat of the Moment" by the band Asia.

  • Alli: "You're not breaking up with me."
  • Holly J.: "If I wanted to ruin your life, I would create an I Hate Alli group, have 400 people join, and talk about how much they hate you and want you dead."
  • Sav: "The Sinclairs called the police."

  • "My Only Anya" by Stüdz
  • "Made Of Stone" by Spiral Beach
  • "Most Popular Girl" by Ari Shine
  • "My Fair Weather Friend" by The Blue Seeds