Heather Poulette, like Heather Sinclair, has been mentioned several times in Degrassi, but she was never seen. Heather is either a senior or a graduate, since she was mentioned as beginning in Grade 11 Drama.


Season 10

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Leia Chang tells Anya that she and Heather Poulette were assigned partners, and that she smells like salami.

In Still Fighting It (2), when talking to Riley Stavros, Zane Park says, "I don't want to miss my shot to get bought by a misguided Heather Poulette."

In All Falls Down (1), Heather Poulette is being called to the office right before Fiona Coyne says goodbye to Holly J. Sinclair.

In Don't Let Me Get Me, the Science Oympians say they can't compete because their captain and fourth person, Heather Poulette is out with the mumps.

Season 11

In Dirt Off Your Shoulder (1), Eli Goldsworthy talks to Fiona about casting her as the "Troll Queen" in the play for their drama class.

In Dead and Gone (1), Holly J., Anya and Sav Bhandari gossip about her, and how she'll have to sit at a different table because there will be onions served and her breath will be terrible.


  • Heather Poulette and Heather Sinclair have many similarities:
    • Both have missed a competition due to sickness.
    • Both are named Heather.
    • Both have never been seen on camera.
    • Both have cruel jokes made about them.
  • Heather Poulette is the subject of cruel jokes by some students at Degrassi.
  • Heather Poulette is the fourth "Heather" in the Degrassi Franchise and the second "Heather" not to be shown on camera.
  • Heather Poulette is the third unseen character in the Degrassi Franchise. The first being Mr. Lawrence and the second being Heather Sinclair.
  • She suffers from halitosis.
  • Heather Poulette has an unrequited crush on Zane and planned to bid on him in the Bachelor's Auction.
  • She is in Drama.