Hell Hath No Fury is an all girl Degrassi band who sang the song "Mr. Nice Guy" in Rock and Roll High School.


The group formed in 2001 as Paige Michalchuk and the Sex Kittens (PMS). The members included Ashley Kerwin, Terri MacGregor, and Paige Michalchuk. At the time, they mostly performed dance and pop music. The following year, Ashley briefly left the band and was replaced by Hazel Aden, though Ashley would later return as songwriter.

Following only one known performance, the group changed their name to Hell Hath No Fury, and formed an intense rivalry with Downtown Sasquatch, changing their shirt design to Downtown Sasquatch lead singer Craig Manning's head set on fire. After a performance, the band dispersed and slowly merged with Downtown Sasquatch.

Ellie Nash later considered reforming the band because she needed other extracurriculars before graduation, but Paige and Hazel turned her down. She subsequently joined Downtown Sasquatch.



  • "Mr. Nice Guy"


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