Hip Hop is a rabbit that Marco Del Rossi bought in Death or Glory (2) to combat his loneliness. After his break-up with Dylan Michalchuk and brief period of clinginess to Griffin Pierce-Taylor, Marco bought him for company and to cheer himself up.

Character History

Season 7

In Death or Glory (2), Marco purchases Hip Hop after a break up with his boyfriend Dylan to give himself company.

In Don't Stop Believin', Ellie feeds Hip Hop before she and Marco settle down to sleep. Ellie expresses an interest in visitation rights with Hip Hop after she and Marco move out, as Hip Hop is going to miss Ellie because he loves her, according to Ellie. Marco refers to Hip Hop as "our baby", as he is his and Ellie's "child". Marco tells Ellie that they should get the 2-bedroom apartment, saying they would live off rabbit food to afford it. Ellie comments that if Hip Hop could do it, then maybe they could, too.

Degrassi Mini

In Roomatus Interuptus, Marco mentions that he doesn't have any friends and that he bought a bunny, referring to Hip Hop, so he felt he deserved to have the television channels that he wanted.


Marco Del Rossi

Marco and Hip Hop

Hip Hop and Marco

Marco bought Hip Hop during a period of loneliness after a break up with Dylan. He kept Hip Hop in a cage in his room, and seemed very attached to him. After he, Paige, and Ellie moved out, he took Hip Hop with him.

Ellie Nash


Ellie petting Hip Hop.

Ellie seems to be very attached to Hip Hop, saying that he loves her, and that she and Marco are going to have to arrange visitation rights with Hip Hop after they move out.


  • Hip Hop was mentioned in TeenNick's "It Goes There: Degrassi's Most Talked About Moments". Adamo Ruggiero revealed that he was not a fan of the rabbit.