Hollaback Girl (2) is the forty-third episode of Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on May 4, 2012.

Main Plot

The next day, Maya tells Drew and Bianca that Katie was admitted to the hospital for overdosing on pills. She’s okay, but shifts the blame on Bianca for pointing out the dealer to her. Meanwhile, at home Bianca’s aunt wants nothing to do with her because she thinks Bianca is sliding back into her old ways. Bianca visits Drew’s mom, Audra and thanks her for supporting her through the tough times. Bianca tells Audra about her aunt giving up on her, and Audra volunteers to go with Bianca to her parent-teacher conference. Katie reveals that her parents are taking her out of school and making her go to rehab. She feels ashamed, and Bianca reminds her that she still has a strong support system of friends and family…and Drew. Before we learn that Bianca’s doing well in her classes, Drew pulls her aside and declares his love for her. However, Bianca tells him that they can’t be together at the moment because Katie needs him now more than ever.

Sub Plot

Dave finds himself obsessing over the Facerange page, and Alli once again tries to get his mind off things by taking him to see a comedy show. However, Dave winds up getting in a confrontation with a comedian after Dave and Alli spend the show arguing over Dave’s obsessive behavior. Dave tells Alli that he’s okay with her wanting to break up if she doesn’t want to deal with his issue, but she tells him she wants to stand by him as he tries to get over what happened to Jacinta.

Third Plot

Mo has no money, so to get some cash he decides to help Jake finish a painting job. Mo continues to try and woo Marisol, but she bails on their date without giving him an explanation. Jake and Mo are on the job and realize that they’re painting a strip club. Mo gets some pictures of himself with the strippers and tweets them in a bid to make Marisol jealous. It doesn’t work because Marisol is too busy being upset about Katie. Mo apologizes for acting like a broom head and shows support for Marisol, who must now carry the burden of being class president during Katie’s absence.

  • This episode is named after the song "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani.

  • Adam (to Mrs. Torres): "Aww look at that mom, you finally got the daughter you always wanted"

  • "Love Me, Love Me, Lonely" by The Bolts
  • "Lines on the Road" by Catherine MacLellan
  • "Genuine" by Beatrice Love