Hoot is Maya's stuffed owl. He was featured in Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) and Bitter Sweet Symphony (2).



When Maya was 8, she went to her first over-night camp. She was terrified, so her parents got her Hoot so that she wouldn't be lonely.

Season 12

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Hoot was first introduced to Cam by Maya when they had a sleepover. She told Cam the story of how she got Hoot and tells him that Cam can have him whenever he feels lonely and misses his family. Cam then "kidnapped" him the next morning and tells Maya that if she meets him on the steps of Degrassi for lunch, they can negotiate Hoot's return.


Maya gets back Hoot, who Cam had with him when he committed suicide.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Katie reveals to Maya that Hoot was found by the police after Cam's suicide. Hoot is briefly seen at the end of the episode when Maya pulls him out of her backpack and hugs him, finally beginning to grieve Cam's death.