I'm a Degrassi, I'm an Instant Star was a Degrassi Mini, a part of the second series of minisodes that aired in the sixth season. It aired as a commercial during 2007.



Emma represents Degrassi, saying, "I'm a Degrassi". Jude represents Instant Star, saying, "I'm an Instant Star". Emma compliments the direction Instant's show is taking, calling their new songs amazing. Jude says to Emma they have grown up a lot the past year, and are off to the higher learning of college. Emma points out most of the cast is still in high school, and Jude tells her that she thinks it is cool. Emma doesn't believe her, and says that she can't compare her high school experience to theirs since she spends high school touring with her rock band. Jude defends Degrassi, saying developing anorexia and STDs of the mouth are pretty exciting, too. Emma agrees with her, and Jude points out that the love triangles within love triangles are great as well. Tommy and Jamie walk out, and Jude asks what the show would do without their beautiful boys. Emma attempts to bring out Degrassi's hot boys as well, intending for Sean to come out, but instead Derek and Danny arrive and grab her arms. The two then proceed to check out Jude. Derek comments that the room they are standing in is really white.


  • Derek: "This room is really white."


  • This mini features characters from Instant Star, which was likewise produced by Epitome Pictures.


Degrassi 218 - I'm a Degrassi, I'm an Instant Star01:57

Degrassi 218 - I'm a Degrassi, I'm an Instant Star

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