"So I'm just anyone now? And how would I know what you want? You don't tell me anything. I feel like I don't even know Clare Edwards anymore."
— Alli to Clare about their fading friendship

I Wanna Be Adored is the nineteenth episode of Season 14. It aired on July 27, 2015.

Main Plot

Clare's been absent from prom committee meetings, and Alli is starting to get worried. Something is up with her best friend, but somehow Alli isn't in the loop this time.

Sub Plot

Zig needs somewhere to go, seeing as his mom isn't ready to take him back just yet. Tiny and his brother Vince take Zig in, but Zig is unprepared for the lifestyle adjustment.

Third Plot 

Tristan is trying online dating, but his profile isn't getting much action. After some "adjustments", he catches the attention of a handsome suitor. The only problem is Tristan is nothing like his new profile.