I Won't Forget is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the second season of minisodes, that aired in Season 6.



Liberty is in bed reading a book when she decides to go to sleep. She turns out the light and closes her book before settling down. J.T.'s voice is heard, and he asks her how the book was. She tells him that the book was alright, and rolls over to face him, saying that she hates how modern writers are hesitant to enthrall us with the deeper history of heroes. J.T. laughs saying he asked how the book was, not for a book report. Liberty apologizes and says it's hard not to get passionate about things. She tells him that is one thing they have in common, as when J.T. puts his mind to something, there is not much that can stop him. J.T. smiles and tells her that might be the nicest thing she has ever told him. Liberty tells him that it is true, though he might not always do the right thing, he always sees it through.

J.T. comments that he likes the times when they just lie there quietly, to which Liberty agrees. He says he can't wait until they live together and do this every night, and she is silent. Upon not receiving a response, J.T. asks Liberty what is wrong, but she tells him it is never going to happen since he died. He states that he is lying right beside her, and Liberty tells him it is not real, as he is just in her memories, which is all she has now. He asks if that means if he can't come back and visit, and she tells him he can come whenever he wants. J.T. asks her to promise to never forget him, and she responds, "How could I forget the great J.T. Yorke?". He then tells her that he needs to go and reaffirms with her that he will see her in his dreams. J.T. then acts as if he is getting out of the bed and disappears into the air. His voice is heard saying: "You know I love you?" Liberty, who has rolled back over, says, "I know, J.T."


  • J.T.: "You know I love you?"
    Liberty: "I know, J.T."
  • Liberty: "I mean, when you put your mind to it, there's not much that can stop J.T. Yorke."
    J.T.: "That might be the nicest thing you have ever said to me."
    Liberty: "Well, it's true."
  • J.T.: "I can't wait till we live together. We can do this every night."


  • This mini takes place after J.T.'s death in Rock This Town.
  • J.T. is wearing the shirt that he wore when he was killed.


Degrassi Mini 217 - I Won't Forget02:48

Degrassi Mini 217 - I Won't Forget

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