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Ida Lucas was a character on The Kids of Degrassi Street and was portrayed by Zoe Newman. She lived on De Grassi St. with her mother and brother. She was good friends with Cookie Peters and Noel Canard. She had a conflict with Irene, before becoming friends.

Character History

Ida Lucas is the main protagonist of Ida Makes a Movie, the first episode of The Kids of Degrassi Street. In the episode, Ida holds a garage sale to raise money to buy a camera. She earns the money and makes a film about garbage. Her friend, Cookie Peters and brother, Fred Lucas act in the film. Ida wins the contest, however the judges believe the film is actually about war and how it effects children. She struggles with whether she should tell until the day of the winner announcement. On stage, she tells the announcer the truth and he gives her the trophy anyway for her courage.

In Cookie Goes to Hospital, she, Cookie and Noel Canard have formed a secret club. She and Noel tell Cookie that her doll cannot be in the club since her name does not start with "I", "C", or "N". When Cookie is in the hospital, the two try to give her her doll back. The receptionist will not let them through, and they attempt several times to sneak past her. Eventually, Cookie's nurse finds her and Ida is able to give Cookie the doll.

In Irene Moves In, a new girl named Irene moves to De Grassi St. Ida does not like the new girl and refuses to let her in the secret club. She plays a prank on Irene by dressing up as big foot, which causes Noel and Cookie to also become upset at Ida. Ida's mother arranges for Irene to spend the night, while she is out with Irene's mother. Cookie also stays over and they spot "big foot". Ida and Irene settle their differences and go to the Halloween dance together with Noel and Cookie