The friendship between Imogen Moreno and Maya Matlin began in Season 12 once they joined WhisperHug.

Friendship History


Season 12

In Come As You Are (2), they both audition for WhisperHug.

In Got Your Money (1), they don't like the gift idea of what Zig plans on getting for Tori for their anniversary.

In Got Your Money (2), they get ready for WhisperHug's performance at the dance.

In Doll Parts (1), when Maya performs the song she wrote for WhisperHug, Mo says he likes it, but would want Imogen to perform it which confuses Maya.

In Tonight, Tonight, they are excited for Battle Of The Bands. When they arrive, they notice that rival band Ezra's Pound is performing their song. Once Imogen comes into the tent, she complains about Tori littering.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Imogen watches Maya's speech at Cam's vigil.

Degrass: Next Class

Season 1

In #NotOkay, Maya has picture of her, Imogen, Mo and Zig on her wall.

Degrassi Mini

In Dress You Up (1), Maya finds a dress that she likes that it is out of her price range but when Zoë asks her how good she is at "DIY", Imogen pops in asking if anyone said, "DIY".

In Dress You Up (2), Maya is blindfolded and Imogen is finishing her dress. Maya is anxious to see how she looks, having paid Imogen to do the dress by hand. Imogen says she doesn't want her to see the dress of her dreams until it is done. After doing the finishing touches, Maya is allowed to see the dress. However, when Maya takes it off, she is surprised in horror, saying, "You said you'd make me look like Jennifer Lawerence!" Imogen says she can, but that would be too obvious and she doesn't do obvious. Imogen assures her that she'll still be "boiling hot", which is what she said she wanted. Maya explains that she wanted to look hot as in sexy, not hot physical/temperature wise. Imogen says that, that does make a lot more sense.