The friendship between Imogen Moreno and Mo Mashkour began in Season 12, as Imogen joined WhisperHug which was founded by Mo.



The two were initially on bad terms after Marisol used Mo physically remove Imogen and Fiona from the the student council room during thier first semester in their senior year. Shortly after they became friends, and were both in a band called WhisperHug together throughout the second semester of their senior year.

Season 11

In In the Cold, Cold Night (1), Mo is helping plan events with Marisol when Fiona and Imogen come in. He helps escort them out by shoving them back out into the hallway and locking the student council door when Marisol kicks them out.

Season 12

In Come As You Are (2), Imogen auditions for Mo's band with rotating classes of water and female vocals. Mo lets her join the band which becomes known as WhisperHug.


  • Imogen's ex-girlfriend, Fiona was running Student Council with Mo's girlfriend Marisol.
  • They are friends/on good terms with Maya Matlin, Zig Novak and Adam Torres (until his death). They both came on the show when they were juniors and as regulars. (Imogen: Season 11 Mo: Season 11.5).
  • Both were considered outcasts at some point.
  • Imogen has had a conflict with Mo's girlfriend Marisol Lewis.
  • They share the same line "Sorry guys I'm not good at these things."