Isabella was one of the class guinea pigs in Daphne Hatzilakos's classroom. Daphne and J.T. Yorke cared for her when they discovered she was pregnant.

Character History

Season 2

In Hot for Teacher, when J.T. is sentenced to a week's detention of caring for the guinea pigs with Mrs. Hatzilakos, he makes a comment about Isabella's weight, which causes Mrs. Hatzilakos to realize that Isabella is pregnant. J.T. is happy when he learns about the news, and he offers to do some research about guinea pig pregnancy.


J.T. is happy upon learning about Isabella's pregnancy.

Later, J.T. discovers that Isabella got out of her cage, and he and Mrs. Hatzilakos try to catch her, but she escapes out of reach into the air vent. Mrs. Hatzilakos reveals that she isn't safe since the the janitors recently spread rat poison through the vents. After a period of time, Isabella eventually comes back out and climbs into her cage, and J.T. reveals the next day that she had three babies soon after.