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Jake-Dallas Conflict
General Information
Intimacy Level Rivals
Conflict Started Never Ever (1)
Conflict Status Former Rivals

The conflict between Jake Martin and Mike Dallas formed in the twelth season of Degrassi, when both boys began to develop feelings for Katie Matlin.

Conflict History

Season 12

In Never Ever (1), Jake becomes jealous when he notices Dallas and Katie have started hanging out.

In Never Ever (2), Jake, Katie and Marisol attend the Ice Hounds hockey game that Dallas gave Katie free tickets to in order to win her favor.Once Jake and Katie are shown kissing on the big screen Dallas becomes jealous. The Ice Hounds destroy their garden as revenge.

In Sabotage (1), Dallas is shown confronting Jake, Eli, Clare and Katie.

In Sabotage (2), Dallas crashes Clare's birthday party and Jake and Dallas become involved in the fight.

In Ray of Light (2), Jake and Dallas are present in the Media Lab viewing the yearbook video.



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