Jake-Luke Conflict
General Information
Intimacy Level Rivals
Conflict Started Say It Ain't So (1)
Conflict Status Former Rivals

The conflict between Jake Martin and Luke Baker began in Say It Ain't So (1) of Degrassi's twelfth season. It is one of the many conflicts that Luke is involved with at Degrassi.

Conflict History


Jake and Luke began their rivalry in Say It Ain't So (1), because Luke refused to recycle a soda can.

Season 12

In Say It Ain't So (1), Luke walks past Jake in the main hallway and tosses his soda can in the trash bin. Jake tells him to pick it up and Luke takes it out, tosses it at him, and begins to walk away when Jake pushes him. The two start to fight when Ms. Oh breaks them up and gives them both detention. In detention, he flirts with Katie and she claims that Jake is her boyfriend to shut him up.

In Never Ever (2), the hockey team destroys the school's garden, leaving Jake furious.

In Sabotage (2), Luke and the Ice Hounds came to crash Clare Edwards' birthday party. Luke and Jake confront each other.


  • Luke is rivals with Clare Edwards, Eli Goldsworthy, and Katie Matlin, who are rather close to Jake while Jake has a conflict with Luke's friend Mike Dallas.
  • They have both kissed Katie Matlin, but only Jake has dated her.
  • Jake has since graduated and left Degrassi, so the conflict will most likely not be resolved.

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