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Jamie Bloch
Birth Name Jamie Bloch
Date of Birth July 17th, 1999 (age 17)
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Jamie, J
Height 5'2"
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Occupation(s) Actress
IMDb Jamie Bloch
Twitter BlochJamie

Yael "Jamie" Bloch is a young actress who portrays Yael Baron in Season 15 of Degrassi: Next Class.

Season 15

Yael was part of the gamers club that Hunter introduced with the help of Tristan. Him and the group then went on to 'scare' Maya and cyber-bully her after she and the Feminist Club got the gamers club shutdown. When the Principle questions them, everyone including Yael confessed. Yael becomes concerned when Hunter tells her that Maya deserved feeling 'scared' all the time after they gave her death threats.

Hunter pushed Yael in SorryNotSorry after she questioned him on whether he felt that he went too far with the Maya prank. She was upset with him and he became suicidal, leading to him being sent to a psychiatric ward to get better. He draws pictures of Yael there and requests for a visit. She comes to see him and he apologises.

Yael then started dating Hunter, until he slightly withdrew from her in Season 17, by which Yael, Hunter, Baaz and Vijay have started a Youtube channel. Concerned about not attracting enough female watchers, the boys tell Yael she needs to start making more 'girly' videos to relate to the female audience. Hunter helps her and they set up for a video but Yael is outraged by the idea of women focusing more on beauty and makeup instead of aspirations and lashes out and ultimately ends up posting the video onto their Youtube channel without consulting any of the other members. She is confronted by the rest of the crew and says she won't continue making those types of videos anymore.

Baaz hires Lola to take over those videos and Hunter shows an interest in her, ultimately leading to a 'break' in their relationship when she finds out. Things are made worse when Frankie tries to help Hunter fix the situation and messages Yael on his account and tells her he loves her. Hunter is angry and says he wasn't ready to tell her that.


  • She appeared in the show Wingin' It as former cast member Dylan Everett's younger sister.
  • She is a Cancer.
  • She has the same Hebrew name as the character she plays on Degrassi, Yael Baron.[1]
  • She is of South African and British descent.
  • She practices Judaism.
  • She wears a wig when she plays Yael.


  1. Next class of Degrassi also features Jewish actors


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