The love triangle consisting of Jane Vaughn, Declan Coyne, and Holly J. Sinclair occurred in Season 9. Declan was in the center of the love triangle.



Spunky tomboy Jane Vaughn quickly sparked the interest of Declan Coyne, one of Degrassi's newest students, at the beginning of season 9. Though Jane was initially turned off by Declan's forwardness, she secretly enjoyed the attention he gave her. Declan treated Jane like a beautiful young woman, whereas her boyfriend Spinner treated her more like "one of the guys". Jane and Declan eventually began an affair behind Spinner's back. However, when Jane's friend Holly J., who didn't know about Holly J. and Declan's tryst, met Declan, she also instantly became smitten with him, much to Jane's annoyance. 

Season 9

Wanna be startin something 3
In Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', Holly J. and Jane start a successful babysitting business for a class assignment. They develop a friendship and reveal secrets to each other. Holly J. says she likes Declan a little bit and Jane is shocked. Declan comes to Jane's house just a little while before Holly J. visits. Holly J. is in her car and witnesses the two kiss. She is shocked and confronts Jane the next day. Jane asks her why she likes the guys Jane likes. Holly J. is angry at Spinner for telling Jane, but is still angry at Jane. Holly J. keeps the secret safe and the two continue their business after Jane dumps Declan.


  • They were all members of the Degrassi Drama Department.
  • Declan had an relationship with both Holly J. and Jane.
  • All three knew Spinner Mason.
    • Jane dated him.
    • Holly J. was friends with him.
    • Declan had an conflict with him.
  • All three attended colleges in America.
    • Both Declan and Holly J. attended Yale, while Jane attended Stanford.
  • Both Holly J. and Jane graduated from Degrassi, while Declan left the school.