The sibling relationship between Lucas Valieri and Jane Vaughn began in 1990 when Jane was born.

Sibling History


Jane and Lucas were not particularly close growing up. Ashamed of being related to Lucas, Jane legally changed her name so others would not suspect they were siblings, a secret she revealed to her best friend Darcy. As Jane excelled in her studies in her senior year, she became frustrated with her dropout brother, who continued to flounder at home. However, when Lucas found out that Jane was molested by their father, the two seemed to become closer and he was supportive of her.

Season 7

In Talking in Your Sleep, Jane mentions her brother Lucas while talking to Darcy. She tells Darcy that she is ashamed of him, and how she even changed her name because of him.

In Everything She Wants, while Lucas is talking to his girlfriend Mia outside the principal's office, Jane interrupts the two to make a snide comment about Lucas being sent to the office again. She also reminds Lucas that their mother has a date coming over for dinner, and tells him to be on his best behavior.

Season 8

In Jane Says (1), Lucas doesn't understand why Jane is upset that their father is coming back. He is mad at her for getting drunk and being rude to their dad, and says that he wishes she would have shown up that way to dinner so their dad wouldn't think Lucas was the only loser in the family.

In Jane Says (2), Lucas still doesn't understand why Jane is angry at her father. However, when she admits to being molested by him when she was younger, he is there for her. He tells their dad that he should leave, and wants him to stay away from his daughter, Isabella. While they are in therapy, he tells Jane that he should've protected her from their dad, and Jane says that they were kids, and didn't know what was going on.