The friendship between Jane Vaughn and Mia Jones began in Everything She Wants.

Friendship History


They were best friends sometime before the series since Mia was dating Jane's brother Lucas Valieri. However, they stopped being friends a little while after when Mia got pregnant; Mia claims that Jane was the one to end their friendship. They became friends again in Everything She Wants, though it is not known if they kept in contact when Mia and Isabella moved to Paris. It's indicated that Mia was held back a grade because of her pregnancy.

Season 7


In Everything She Wants, when Mia thinks Lucas has changed, Jane keeps warning Mia not to trust him. Jane is also the one who found Isabella when she was left unattended while sleeping. Jane says that Isabella was scared when she awoke to find that her mother was not there.

Season 8

In Fight the Power, Mia supports Jane when she joins the football team. When a football game goes on, she is the only Power Squad member clapping for her.

In Jane Says (1), when Jane's family takes Isabella for the week, Jane gives Mia a rather vague warning about her father; thus, suggesting that he shouldn't be trusted around young children.

Degrassi Minis

In The Curse of Degrassi, Mia reveals to Jane that Isabella was conceived in Jane's bed. Jane is disgusted by this.

In Pirates of the Cafeteribbean, Jane warns Mia that she told Spinner that Peter made fun of her booty yesterday, and that Spinner might do something stupid in retaliation, advising Mia to warn Peter. Peter approaches them, and asks what he should be warned about. At that moment, Spinner breaks into the cafeteria in search of Peter, and tells Jay and Craig that they'll get a chest of gold if they bring him Peter's head. Mia turns to glare at Jane, and she apologizes for not being great at "pirate's code".