The conflict between Jay Hogart and J.T. Yorke began in Season 5 when Jay convinced J.T. to get involved in drug dealing to gain money in order to support Liberty Van Zandt and his then unborn child, despite already having a stressful life.


Season 5

In Turned Out, Jay shows up at J.T.'s job at the pharmacy and tells him if he needs "real money", talk to him. J.T. reluctantly does and Jay tells him if he steals oxycodone from his job and sells it, it will be worth hundreds of dollars, enough to support him, Liberty, and the baby. Liberty is afraid to tell her parents of her pregnancy, as she fears they'll kick her out. J.T. buys an apartment for them and Liberty tells her parents she's moving in with him and that she's pregnant. She moves in with him against their wishes.

The landlord, however, needs first and last month's rent upfront, and J.T. doesn't have the money and doesn't want to steal again. Liberty finds out how J.T. got the money and is furious with him. Depressed and confused, J.T. gets more drugs and gives them to the dealer, and then overdoses on them due to his stress of losing Liberty, his job, Toby Isaacs and his family. He passes out, and Jay rushes him to the hospital. He awakens in a hospital bed and is put on suicide watch. 

Season 6

In Rock This Town, Jay and Spinner tried to kick the Lakehurst Secondary School rebels out of the party, but they just got angry and ended up urinating on J.T.'s car and stabbing him.


  • J.T.: "I lost my girl, I lost my best friend, I lost my job, and family. And now I'm probably going to jail."
    Jay: "Bummer times. At least there's a party." - Turned Out (2)