Jennifer Doolittle is a journalist for The Interpreter, and was a former intern for Asher Shostak.

Character History

Season 12

In Sabotage (1), Clare Edwards thinks she can prove that Asher is a danger by talking to past interns, but so far none of them have admitted to being assaulted by Asher. Clare finally gets in contact with Jennifer, one of Asher's former interns, but her phone conversation is interrupted by the hockey team taking over the storage room for their happy hour. Still, Clare manages to schedule a meeting with Jennifer. Clare is meeting with her at The Dot and when Jennifer realizes that Clare is the intern that got fired, she bolts.

In Scream (2), she is seen in the Interpreter office when Clare and Katie walk in. She tells them to leave or she'll call security. Clare tells her what happened and why she interviewed her, but Jennifer still tells them to leave. Just before Clare and Katie leave, Jennifer comes back out and says that she needs to talk to Clare, most likely confessing about how Asher sexually harassed her.

Season 13

In My Hero, she is interviewing Mr. Hollingsworth at his house when Drew Torres arrives and accidentally pushes him into the pool, which Jennifer catches on her phone. She also noticed they were having a disagreement and catches Drew on his way out to ask him for an interview regarding his argument with Mr. Hollingsworth. Drew rejects her offer for an interview, so she gives him her card in case he changes his mind.

Season 14

In Smells Like Teen Spirit, she is seen with the Hollingsworth family when they are waiting on Miles to come home to take pictures. She is there to hear Miles reveal that he is involved with Tristan. She is then seen at the school, asking to speak to Miles to interview him about his father's campaign and the renewal project that his father is donating to. She asks him a question about what the last piece of advice Miles got from his father, to which he responds as it was "being gay is ridiculous."

In Wise Up