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Joey and Craig at Jeremiah Motors in Drive.

Jeremiah Motors is a fictional car dealership in Toronto. It is owned and operated by Joey Jeremiah. It sells used cars.


Season 2

In When Doves Cry, Joey is showing some people the cars when Albert Manning shows up.


Craig takes on of the cars for a joyride.

In Drive, Joey's stepson Craig Manning and his friends Marco Del Rossi, Spinner Mason and Sean Cameron took one of the cars from the lot for a joyride. Joey later found out about this and grounded Craig for three weeks.

Season 4

In Ghost in the Machine (1), Spinner Mason bought his car The Love Mobile from the dealership for $2,700.

In Ghost in the Machine (2), Joey said that his business might go under, but it was never said with certainty whether it did or was sold as a going concern when he moved to Alberta.

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