Jessie's Girl is the eighth episode of Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on February 8, 2008 in the United States, and on February 25, 2008 in Canada. This is the last appearance of Caitlin Ryan to date. 


Ellie seeks out Caitlin's help for an upcoming event. However, Ellie soon finds Caitlin and Jesse hooking up, leading her down a drunken path. Meanwhile, Mia is tired of how Holly J. is treating Anya, but is Anya willing to break away from her?

Main Plot

While preparing for a Core assignment, Griffin Pierce-Taylor happens to be hosting an engineering party at their apartment. To get some work done she goes to the Core for some silence. She finds Jesse hooking up in the main office room with Caitlin Ryan at The Core, Ellie realizes that Jesse is cheating on her with Caitlin. She stands up for herself and breaks up with him. Ellie forgives Caitlin since she didn't know that Jesse was Ellie's boyfriend but says that she and Jesse can't be together and still work together. When faced with doing a public Q and A with Caitlin, Paige Michalchuk advises Ellie to choose between her personal and work lives. Prior to the Q and A session, Ellie has a few glasses of wine and causes her to stutter and gush while speaking. Ellie drunkenly asks Caitlin why she hooked up with Jesse and calls her a "slut" while walking off the podium. The next day, Caitlin comes over to Ellie's place to ask about the night before. Ellie confronts Jesse at The Core and tells him that they are over and to call her "Ellie," not "Frosh." 

Sub Plot

Mia sees how Holly J. treats Anya and wants her to stand up to Holly J. Mia tries to convince Anya to stop taking Holly J.'s abuse, but unfortunately, she still puts up with her bullying as she'd "rather be a popular follower than a happy nobody." In class Anya is asked to read but starts to stutter due to her dyslexia. Holly J. bullies Anya saying they'll be there all day unless someone else reads. When Holly J. decides to reuse her sister's assignment and Anya insists it is cheating she and Holly J. get in an argument. Anya asks Holly J. not to make fun of her in class and says she doesn't tell people that her parents hired Holly J. a private tutor. In class, Holly J. ambushes Anya by saying that Anya's assignment is plagiarized and that she somehow got her hands on her sister's old project. Mia tries to help Anya but in the end Anya says she would rather have friends than be alone on a Friday night.

  • Caitlin: "Hello?"
    Marco: "Wow! The famous Caitlin Ryan's in my house!"
    Caitlin: "Uh, could I have a sec with Ellie?"
    Marco: "Have a bunch of secs... (blushes, stuttering) uh, I didn't mean..., not sex... uh, I'm just gonna go now."
  • Jesse: "Well, I'm just glad you're back, Frosh, and I promise I will never cheat on you again."
    Ellie: "I'm back at The Core, not with you...And from now on, call me 'Ellie.'"
  • Jesse: "You know I like my redheads with blue eyes."
    Ellie: "I have green eyes!"
  • Jesse: "I can't believe I'm actually going to interview the Caitlin Ryan."
    Ellie: "Oh, actually, Caitlin thought it'd be great if I did the interview. Mentor..."
    Caitlin: I think with our history together, it'd be fantastic."
  • Jesse: "Ellie, can we just talk? Please?"
    Ellie: My boyfriend/boss making out with my mentor. What's to discuss?"

  • "Purple Eyes/Yellow Light" by Two Hours Traffic
  • "Dirty" by Rocketface
  • "Sombrio" by Bill Runge
  • "Somewhere Between Good And Evil" by Jay Crocker
  • "Day Day Oh" by Sweet 17