Jesus, Etc. (1) is the thirty-seventh episode of Season 10 of Degrassi. It aired on March 4, 2011.


When Fitz re-emerges into Eli and Clare's life, Eli refuses to let him get in the middle of their relationship. Meanwhile, Sav seeks out Drew's skills as a drummer, which upsets Alli. Meanwhile, Jenna becomes obsessed with planning for the baby.

Main Plot

Clare is receiving driving lessons from Eli. They switch spots in the car and Eli repeats to Clare all the steps on how to drive Morty. As Clare steps on the gas pedal, Clare and Eli nearly run straight into Fitz. They are shocked at Fitz sudden return as he comes up to the open window and says he needs to talk to them. Eli demands Clare speed out of there and Clare drives off, leaving Fitz by himself.

Later in the day, Fitz approaches Clare. Fitz said to Clare that he's genuinely sorry about what he did to her and Eli, explaining that when he was in juvie God found him. He runs off when Eli's hearse drives up to pick up Clare for her next driving lesson. However, Clare is unable to stop thinking about what Fitz has told her. Eli asks what was wrong and she tells him that she talked to Fitz. Eli is instantly enraged that she at all was in contact with him and shouts that Clare should stay away from Fitz because he is dangerous, reminding her that he had pulled a knife on him. Clare, however, becomes upset when he remarks that she is making it hard to do "his job". She demands to know what he meant and he says that is job is, as her boyfriend, to protect her. Clare says he doesn't have to do that, and he shouts, "Then if not me, who?!" She leaves out of the hearse in a huff.

The next morning Clare is walking from the bus while Eli is leaning on his hearse clearly alert. She asks him what he's doing and he states he is watching out for Fitz. She walks away annoyed.

At The Dot Clare and Adam are talking and Clare coinfides in Adam how Eli gets overly protective of her and how she feels that she can't breathe when he does. Adam dismisses her concerns, saying Eli's protectiveness is typical guy behavior and Eli is doing it out of love for her. Clare then says Eli is worth it. They then notice Fitz is working at The Dot as he cleans up some counters. Adam is seen leaving The Dot, not wanting to be near Fitz, when Clare walks up to Fitz and asks why he needed to talk to her, saying that he should keep a distance from her and Eli. Fitz says that he was messed up before he went to juvie, but that God has showed him the way since then. He then asks if she can ever forgive him and Clare, after a moment, says she does. Fitz then goes on to say how he now needs to make amends with Eli which Clare says she's not too sure will work given Eli's strong resentment towards him. However, Fitz has strong faith that if she has found the courage to forgive him, then Eli can as well. He then asks if she will offer him some help in earning Eli's forgiveness and Clare agrees.

Eli then drives up to The Dot, likely to see Clare, only to see them talking through the window. Immediately in a rage, he furiously walks up, breaks the conversation and shoves Fitz away from Clare, warning him to back off. Fitz agrees without any argument. Eli asks Clare if she's okay to which she tensely confirms, obviously upset. Fitz then apologizes to him. However, Eli blows him off. Clare tells him how he can just blow Fitz off when he has just formerly apologized to him. Eli then firmly asks Clare if she's leaving with him or not. She hesitates and says yes before the two leave with Eli giving Fitz a warning look. 

Sub Plot

The Bhandaris aren't happy with Alli because of her situation with Malika. She’s been suspended for smoking on campus and Sav has offered to drive her to the library every day, the only place she’s allowed to visit. Alli tells Sav how much she appreciates his support and then starts rambling about Drew. Sav has his own share of problems to deal with. He is trying to compose an original song to submit to Music Conservatory’s, but he needs a drummer. He auditions drummers for the song, but most of them fails to impress Sav, until Drew walks in. Sav knows that he could never work with Drew after he cheated on Alli, but then he hears Drew plays, and impresses Sav. Sav decides to try to carefully tell Alli that he and Drew are going to work together. Sav knows he can’t betray Alli, but Drew was the only drummer that didn’t make him want to cut his ears off. So, he decides to work with Drew and pray that Alli won’t find out. Things are going great with their practice. They give each other a hug and Bianca takes a pic to commemorate the day, when Alli shows up to Degrassi wondering why Sav didn't picked her from the library up after school. Alli gets mad at Sav and leaves. At home, Alli is enraged with Sav. She goes off on him, screaming that Drew is the source of all her problems and the reason that she’s suspended and that her parents aren’t talking to her. She feels betrayed by Sav, but Sav isn’t going to take this lying down. Though it sucks that he sided with the guy that cheated on his sister, Sav fires back at her, telling Alli that Drew didn’t make her date Johnny, dress in revealing clothing or get in a fight with Bianca, those were all her decisions. Enraged Alli walks away leaving Sav regretting about what he said to her.

Third Plot

Jenna is focusing all her attention on learning everything she can about babies and K.C. isn’t exactly helping things. He decides that his pregnant girlfriend needs to relax and have some fun skateboarding. She gets surprised knowing that she's pregnant, telling K.C. that she doesn't want that. At their parental class that night K.C. decides to show Jenna that he’s ready for a baby by racing her in a diapering competition. After realizing she can’t change her baby’s diaper on time Jenna feels defeated. Noticing that she’s upset, the parental teacher tells Jenna and K.C. that they can practice being parents on her 6 year-old boy. Jenna seems excited about babysitting, but K.C. seems less than thrilled.

  • (Eli to Clare): "You don't know Morty! He's sensitive."
  • (Clare): "Fitz?" (Eli): "What?!"
  • (Fitz to Clare and Eli): "Eli! I've been looking for you guys." (Eli to Clare) "Let's go! Let's go!" (Fitz) "I need to talk to you guys!"
  • (Eli to Clare): "As your boyfriend, my job is to protect you!"
  • (Eli to Clare about Fitz): "Last time I saw him, he pulled a knife on me. Maybe he wants to settle the score."
  • (Clare to Fitz): "Look I'm glad you found God but that doesn't mean you have to talk to me." (Fitz) "For the record you're the one talking to me right now."
  • (Eli to Fitz): *Eli shoves Fitz* "Back off, I'm serious."
  • (K.C. to Jenna): "You're going to have a heart attack before the fourth trimester." (Jenna) "No there are only three trimesters K.C."
  • (K.C. to Jenna): "Check it his and hers boards." (Jenna): "WHAT!" (K.C.): "I'm going to teach you how to grind rails." (Jenna): "No, I'm like 200 months pregnant right now. What if I fell?"
  • (Bianca to Sav and Drew about Alli): "Um, you better look behind you."
  • (Fitz to Clare): "While I was away, I found answers. I found the answer. I found Jesus."
  • (Sav to Beatbox Guy): "Uhhh no... just don't... please don't touch me."
  • (Drew) to Sav): "Have sticks... Will rock."
  • (Sav to Drew): "No I can't Alli would kill me..... and then you."
  • (Sav to himself about Drew): "Crap, he's good"
  • (Adam to Clare about Eli): "Behind the face of even the sweetest, most emo guy in the world lurks a caveman."
  • (Sav): "I so need a drummer." (Holly J.): "Well maybe Nick Jonas just transferred to Degrassi."
  • (Clare to Adam about Eli): "Eli is a lot of things he's sweet, cute, funny, talented..." (Adam): "He's dreamy alright."
  • (Adam to Clare about Eli): "Protecting you is like..... his way of saying he cares or whatever." (Clare): "Well I wish he would just write me a poem instead."
  • (Alli to Sav about Drew): "Now let me ask you something, how was I suppose to take this slap in the face? The guy that made my life a living hell is your drummer!"
  • (Sav to Alli): "No Alli you made your own life a living hell!"
  • (Alli): "I thought you were the one person I could count on... turns out you're just like everyone else."
  • (K.C. to Jenna): "Totes!"
  • (Alli to Sav): "Who plays bass? Voldemort?"

  • "Sally Moore" by The Dashing Suns - Heard when Eli and Clare are in the hearse about to start the driving lesson.
  • "Don't Say Love" by All Too Much - Heard when Clare and Adam are at The Dot and Clare is venting to Adam about Eli.
  • "Come On Stomp" by Thee Vicars - Heard during Jenna and K.C.'s diaper changing competition.
  • "I'm Gonna Change Your Life" by The Thermals - Heard when Fitz and Clare are talking at The Dot.