Jimmy Walks! is a Degrassi Mini, a part of the second season of minisodes, that aired in the sixth season.



Jimmy is sitting at a lunch table when Spinner approaches him, holding a bouquet of flowers. Jimmy jokes that he shouldn't have gotten him the flowers, but Spinner tells him that he got the flowers for his girlfriend, Darcy Edwards, as she is on a "romance kick" and is making him woo her more. Spinner reveals that it is going well for him to the point where Darcy can't keep his hands off of him, and Jimmy asks him to spare the details. Jimmy then notices Ashley walking through the cafeteria with her lunch, and Spinner tells Jimmy to take the chance to woo her. However, at that moment, Derek throws a banana peel over his shoulder, and Jimmy notices that Ashley would directly slip on it. She continues to walk and slips on the peel, falling backwards, her lunch flying into the air. Jimmy quickly reacts, and he leaps out of his wheelchair to catch his fallen girlfriend, much to the astonishment of Spinner. Ashley and Jimmy look down at his legs in shock that he is not only walking, but he managed to catch her lunch tray as well. Ashley calls Jimmy her own superhero, and Spinner starts a slow clap that builds into applause for Jimmy. Derek takes the lunch tray from Jimmy's hand, and Jimmy and Ashley smile at one another, before kissing each other several times. Jimmy is snapped back to reality when Spinner approaches him saying his name, revealing that Jimmy was daydreaming. However, as Spinner approaches Jimmy, he trips, and Jimmy catches the tray on the table. Spinner says that he is his hero for saving his bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. Jimmy comments that Spinner isn't Ashley, but it's all good.


  • When Jimmy goes to catch Ashley, it is reminiscent of Peter Parker catching Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man (2002).


  • Ashley: "Jimmy, you can walk."
    Jimmy: "Yeah, yes I can."
    Ashley: "You're my very own superhero."
  • Spinner: "Man, you're my hero! You saved my bacon, lettuce, and tomato!"
    Jimmy: "Well, you're not Ash, but it's all good."



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Degrassi Mini - Jimmy Walks!

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