The relationship between Joey Jeremiah and Julia Manning-Jeremiah began sometime before Season 1 of Degrassi: The Next Generation and ended in 1999 due to Julia's death.

Relationship History

Season 1

In Mother and Child Reunion (1), it was revealed that Joey married a woman named Julia, the ex-wife of Albert Manning and the mother of Craig Manning. They had a daughter named Angela. His wife died two years before the start of the series, which left Joey depressed.

Rival Relationships


  • They had a daughter together named Angela.
  • Joey is the stepfather of Julia's son, Craig.
  • Joey said that Julia's hair smelled like rain.
  • Joey stated that Julia's favorite color was yellow.
  • According to Craig's biological father, Albert Manning, Julia left him for Joey, though it's unknown if Julia met Joey during her marriage to Albert or after she divorced him.
  • Joey told Caitlin Ryan that he used to love how Julia called him "Joe."
  • At their wedding, Julia made Craig dance with Emma Nelson.
  • Julia was five years older than Joey: she was born in 1968 while he was born in August 1973.
  • This is the first marriage to result in a spouse becoming a widow.


  • Start Up: Sometime after School's Out! (TV Movie)
  • Break Up: Two years before Mother and Child Reunion (1) (101) (her death)
    • Reason: While exact details of when the couple got together are unknown, we do know that Julia dies before Degrassi: The Next Generation premiered and that Joey had a child (Angela) with her in 1996. Julia is also the biological mother of Craig, Joey's son.