The flirtatious friendship between Joey Jeremiah and Stephanie Kaye began in the first season of Degrassi Junior High. They were friends until Stephanie moved away with her mother, and even once dated for a day until Joey discovered that Stephanie was only using his crush on her to make Wheels jealous.


Degrassi Junior High (Season 1)

In Kiss Me, Steph, Stephanie publicly thanked Joey for all of his hard work on her campaign to be Student Council President, much to the annoyance of her best friend Voula Grivogiannis as she had done everything while Joey had done nothing. This led Voula to temporarily end her friendship with Stephanie.

In The Big Dance, Joey asks Stephanie if she is going to the dance and she tells him she has to since she will be making a speech as president. She instead went to the dance with Wheels.

In What a Night!, Stephanie was watching her favourite soap opera Days of Passion on the television in the Degrassi library. Joey and Wheels began to make fun of her by imitating the characters on the series. Stephanie told them to shut up.

In Revolution!

Degrassi Junior High (Season 2)

In Dog Days

Rival Relationships



  • Joey: "Hey Stephanie, did you know I got an A+ in sex education last year? So if there's anything you want to know, Joey P. Jeremiah – P for Playboy – at your service." - The Great Race