The relationship between Johnny DiMarco and Kayla is known as Jayla (Johnny/Kayla). It began sometime in the tenth season of Degrassi.

Relationship History


The two met at Toronto University and began dating some time afterwards. By this point, Johnny had cleaned up his act and seemed to treat Kayla politely and with respect. He even expressed interest in her majors while explaining to troubled ex-girlfriend Alli what Kayla was studying.

Season 10

In Hide and Seek (1), when Johnny's troubled ex-girlfriend, Alli Bhandari, runs away from home and seeks refuge in his college dorm room, she soon finds out that he has a girlfriend named Kayla. Johnny asks Kayla if she can show Alli how great university is, so that she wouldn't throw her whole future away by running away to Vancouver. Kayla asks if Johnny could just call her elder brother Sav Bhandari to come get her, but Johnny tells her that Alli has to make the decision herself to go back home. Kayla asks if he wants her to go back home, and Johnny says he does, but can't just kick her out, as he was a cause for some of the problems. Kayla agrees to do the favor for him, but tells Johnny that he owes her with a smile. Johnny enlists Kayla's help in creating a disguise for Alli, as Kayla is a drama major.

Kayla later enters Johnny's room, asking if "[his] little problem" had left yet. However, little to her knowledge, Alli was in the room, and this comment showed her that Johnny viewed her as a nuisance, which caused Alli to pack her things and leave for the bus station. Kayla and Johnny exchanged regretful glances as she left.



  • Their relationship only appeared in one episode.
  • Kayla was the only minor character with whom Johnny had a relationship.
  • Kayla didn't like Alli Bhandari, Johnny's ex-girlfriend when she came to visit him.