The friendship between Johnny DiMarco and Lucas Valieri began prior to Season 7. The boys met at Lakehurst Secondary School, but it is unknown how long they have known each other. They, along with Bruce, were in a group of bullies that would always go around starting trouble or disturbing the peace. They stopped talking towards the end of season seven due to Lucas dropping out of high school.

Friendship history


Season 7

In Death or Glory (1), they are both seen in the beginning of the episode being loud and destructive in the cafe. They both seem annoyed when Spinner Mason comes to stop them. Lucas encourages the feud and every fight between Johnny and Spinner, as does Johnny with Lucas' fight with Danny Van Zandt and Liberty Van Zandt.

In Death or Glory (2), they provoke more fights and storm around causing a ruckus.

In Another Brick In The Wall, Lucas is seen with Johnny, teasing Archie Simpson about Darcy Edwards' false report about him being a pedophile.

In Sweet Child O' Mine, Johnny laughs as Lucas is used by Mia Jones as a babysitter when he tries to get back in her life.



  • Lucas holding Johnny back from going after Spinner.
  • Johnny, Lucas, and Bruce provoking Spinner.
  • Smiling in pride from making Spinner walk away.