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Jonah-Frankie Relationship
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General Information
Nickname Jankie, Fronah
Intimacy Level Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Started Dating #SorryNotSorry (1510)
Dating Status Dating

"Jonah: I like you, Frankie Hollingsworth.
Frankie: I like you, Jonah Haak.

The relationship between Jonah Haak and Frankie Hollingsworth developed during the fifteenth season of Degrassi.

Friendship History

Season 15

In #NoFilter, Jonah is the music room getting ready for practice and hears Frankie sobbing. Jonah tells Frankie she needs to leave so he can practice. Instead of leaving, Frankie opens up to him about the difficulties she's been dealing with in her life, and about how she feels as though she has no one to confide in. Despite his frustration, Jonah suggests she talk to her friends, and asks her to leave again.


Jonah is upset with Frankie for being late.

In #NotAllMen, Jonah stops Frankie in the hallway and tells her a spoiler in the book she's reading is that life is meaningless. He then makes Frankie an offer to volunteer at a teen addiction center and Frankie rejects. Jonah tells her she's a loss cause and spoiled, which displeases her. He continues by telling her that the kids he works with have "actual problems" and Frankie decides to volunteer and she walks away smiling sarcastically. Frankie arrives two hours late to the volunteering, angering Jonah and he tells her she ruined it. She apologizes and tells him she did want to be there but had to do something else. Jonah doesn't accept it and tells her that he thinks she's addicted to the drama of being miserable and that the kids he works with are actually trying to change themselves and she's not.


Frankie and Jonah spontaneously kiss after arguing.

In #TeamFollowBack, Frankie and Jonah run into each other and he points out that where ever he goes, she's always there. Frankie accuses him of stalking her and that she doesn't need a lecture about not being honest with herself from him. Jonah tells her she should just go talk to her friends about it and then Frankie kisses him and attempts to walk away. Jonah stops her and they continue to passionately kiss.  

In #SorryNotSorry, Frankie finds flowers on her locker and Jonah remarks "it looks like someone finally got her flowers". Frankie tells she'd love to continue this conversation but she needs to go get a dress for a date that isn't you, Jonah says alright and walks away hurt. Frankie is surprised to learn Winston didn't send her flowers and realizes that Jonah sent them. At the snowball, Frankie looks for Jonah and sees him with another girl which makes her upset.   


Jonah and Frankie dancing.

Later, after the lock-down is over and the dance is back on, Jonah finds Frankie and asks her where he date is while Frankie asks the same, Jonah asks if he did something wrong?, Frankie says you brought me flowers and then you were with some other girl, Jonah says you said you was coming with someone else, Frankie says because he didn't ask and I thought you understood me, Jonah says he doesn't at all and that he really likes her and asks if they could just quit with playing games, Frankie says she isn't the one who's playing games, Jonah says he's not either and then says "I like you, Frankie Hollingsworth" and Frankie says, "I like you, Jonah Haak," Jonah says they should dance and they start to slow dance to the music. This marks the beginning of their relationship.   

Season 16

Snapshot 3 (1-06-2016 5-30 PM)

Frankie and Jonah kiss

In #SquadGoals, Lola and Shay tease Frankie about making out with Jonah over all of winter break in the locker room. In a classroom, Frankie eats lunch with Jonah, Frankie and Jonah share a kiss. Jonah admits that he is a little jealous of the fact that the whole student body got to see her butt before he does and he then convinces her to pull a revenge prank on the opposing team, but to leave Shay out of it since she didn't want to get involved. Later In the gym, Jonah is at Frankie's volleyball game to support her.

Snapshot 23 (3-06-2016 4-34 PM)

In #CheckYourPrivilege, At school, Jonah tries to kiss Frankie but she pulls back before sitting down in her own seat. Frankie needs Jonah's help blowing up balloons, Jonah tells Frankie about racism and they disagree about it, Frankie says everyone is all the same and no-one should be treated differently on race, she has another idea how to help herself.

In #ThrowbackThursday, At the lockers, Jonah joins Frankie and asks if she can stop hiding out now?, Frankie says everyone still hates her and she's trying to find a way to fix it, Maya and Peter Stone approach them asking if they know someone who can sing the girl part of the school song for the gala and Frankie says she will. After they leave, Frankie tells Jonah that was her sign. In the music room, Frankie and Jonah are doing a rehearsal with Peter and Sav Bhandari for the school song. Sav and Peter bail on Frankie after they learn she did the gorilla drawing. Later, Frankie tells Jonah she's nervous about performing at the gala but can't back out now, Frankie bails to get some air. Jonah sends a text to Frankie reminding her its just about time to perform. Frankie and Jonah perform the school song until Frankie notices a sign that says "Racism lives here" and runs from the room and Jonah runs after her.

Snapshot 3 (4-06-2016 5-25 PM)

Frankie walks away from Jonah

Outside the school, Jonah finds Frankie, Jonah thinks she should come back inside but Frankie doesn't want to get laughed at again, Jonah says everyone is having a good time inside, Frankie says everybody has made up their minds about her, Jonah asks if she's given up now?, Frankie says their is one thing she can do, shes never ever going back to Degrassi, Frankie walks away from Jonah.

Snapshot 67 (9-06-2016 5-39 PM)

Frankie and Jonah kissing before getting caught by Mrs. Hollingsworth

In #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen, At Frankie's house, Jonah arrives just as Frankie calls the school as her mum saying Frankie's  not coming in today and asks if she's playing hokey again? Frankie thinks Jonah should join her, Jonah asks her how long she can keep this up for?, Frankie reckons forever because she's never going back to Degrassi, Jonah says he gets it but he has to go as he has a physics test, Frankie kisses Jonah and asks him if hes going to let her go swimming by herself, Jonah says he doesn't have any swimming clothes but Frankie says that's not a problem and takes off her top and pants leaving her in just her underwear, Jonah takes off his shirt too and says he could get behind ditching school for this, they kiss but end up getting busted by Frankie's mum. Mrs. Hollingsworth tells Frankie she just got a call saying Frankie hasn't been at school for 4 days and accuses Frankie of staying home to fool around with Jonah and Jonah bails after Mrs. Hollingsworth tells him too. Mrs. Hollingsworth tells Frankie to get dressed as she is driving her to school and forbids her from seeing Jonah again.

Snapshot 68 (9-06-2016 5-49 PM)

Jonah kisses Frankie on the hand

Jonah text's Frankie saying he's just a text away and she can do this, Frankie texts back saying she needs him. In the school car park, Frankie is in Jonah's car and is telling Jonah how bad class was for her. Frankie tells Jonah they should just disappear/run away together and thinks Coast would work. Jonah thinks they should find somewhere closer for tonight at least, Frankie agrees as long as they are together. They hold hands and Jonah kisses her on the hand. Jonah starts the car and drives away.

Snapshot 69 (9-06-2016 5-58 PM)

Frankie and Jonah kissing in a motel room

At a motel, Frankie tells the receptionist they need one room and Jonah leaves to go check on the car. Frankie pays for the room and Jonah returns, then they head up to their room. Frankie isn't impressed with the room but tells Jonah she doesn't want to go home and thinks they should role play, pretend they are bank robbers on the run. Jonah likes this idea and they kiss before jokingly roll playing saying they must make the most of today and its just you and me, Frankie gets a call from her mum which she ignores before Jonah and Frankie start kissing again.

Frankie wakes up and overhears Jonah on the phone to his mum saying hes not really running away and is hoping to convince Frankie to return with him too. Jonah turns around and realizes Frankie heard all that, Frankie asks if he thought she was crazy, why'd he come with her?, Jonah says he wasn't letting her go by herself but she hasn't thought this through. Frankie reminds him of what happened at school but Jonah can't believe she still thinks she is the victim, Frankie says she tried to make things better but everyone still hates her.

Snapshot 70 (9-06-2016 6-10 PM)

Jonah makes Frankie upset

Jonah says she needs to apologize, Frankie says "for what?". Jonah says "for running away and worrying your family, for jeopardizing our relationship because now your mother thinks I'm some sex crazed delinquent, and for hurting people with that stupid racist stunt". Frankie asks if he thinks she's racist too and Jonah says he thinks that she doesn't get it and thinks that she's not trying to get it. Frankie's upset and goes to leave and Jonah asks where she is going. Frankie says shes going to cool off before she says something she'll probably have to apologize for and Frankie leaves.

Frankie mentions she has to call Jonah and apologize.

In #RiseAndGrind, Jonah mentions Frankie is trying to be good since running away went badly so she has less time for him.

In #OMFG, Frankie is devastated when she hears about the Degrassi bus crash and the fact that Jonah was on it.



  • Jonah is two years older than Frankie: he was born in 1997 and she was born in June 1999.


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