The love triangle between Jonah Haak, Grace Cardinal, and Frankie Hollingsworth developed in the fourth season of Degrassi: Next Class. Jonah was at the center of the love triangle.

Love Triangle History

Season 3

In #PicsOrItDidntHappen, Jonah laughs at a text from Grace, but when Frankie tries to see it, Jonah gets defensive. Later, Frankie sends a text to Jonah, but when she doesn't get a text back. Frankie hacks into Jonah's messages and sees that he called her immature in a conversation with Grace. Outside the school, Frankie finds Jonah with Grace, Frankie kisses Jonah which makes him happy.

In #HugeIfTrue, when Jonah won't have sex with Frankie, she asks if its because of Grace. Jonah is in disbelief while Frankie says they've been spending a lot of time together. Jonah says him and Grace are just friends.

Season 4

In #BackToReality, Jonah tells Grace he wants to keep their relationship a secret because he has heard that Frankie is having a rough time getting over their break up. At the festival, Grace overhears Frankie telling Lola that she thinks her and Jonah will get back together. This angers Grace, who confronts Jonah about wanting to be public. Jonah sings to Grace, and publicly asks her to be his girlfriend. Grace accepts, and they kiss. Frankie sees them, and looks devastated.

In #GetMoney, Lola and Shay convince Frankie she needs to fake being happy because Jonah is "winning the break up". Later, Frankie is hanging out with Esme at an event after school. Frankie notices Jonah, and decides to go talk to him, until she sees him and Grace kissing. Frankie angrily approaches them, and calls Jonah a piece of crap. Jonah asks what she's doing there, and Frankie accuses him of cheating on her. Jonah tells her he never lied, and that nothing he ever did was good enough for Frankie. Frankie goes to leave, but picks up the guitar she bought for Jonah. Frankie destroys the guitar by beating it against a tree. Jonah asks her what her problem is, and Frankie yells that it used to be him.

In #FactsOnly, Jonah, Frankie, and Grace are talking with the group about the colleges they got into for next year. Frankie seems to be okay with Grace and Jonah dating at this point.

In #Fire, Jonah, Grace, and Frankie are all on the camping trip together.

In #KThxBye, Frankie sees a picture of Grace and Jonah at prom on Hastygram, and says, "Ew."


  • Grace and Jonah started dating 6 weeks after Jonah and Frankie broke up.
  • Frankie was suspicious of Jonah's relationship with Grace while she and Jonah were dating.


  • Start Up: #BackToReality (DNC 401)
  • Ended: Prior to #FactsOnly (DNC 406)
    • Reason: Frankie was able to move on from Jonah.