Jordyn Kincaid is a famous music producer, and is the mother of Lena and Everett Kincaid. She was portrayed by Sonia Dhillon Tully.

Character History

Season 14

In Don't Look Back, she initially chooses Gloria Chin to be her children's nanny for the summer, though eventually hires Maya Matlin when Gloria doesn't show up for a shift. One night, Jordyn asks Maya to stay a couple of extra hours. She shows up and finds Maya in her pantry with Zig, who had been scared into there by a prank pulled by Lena and Everett. Later in the summer, Maya tries to ask for a day off since she had barely seen Zig all summer, though Jordyn says no.

After Lena confesses to Maya that she's feeling neglected by everyone and lonely, Maya tries to talk to Jordyn about spending more time with her kids, which offends Jordyn. Jordyn asks what she should do regarding her album, and tells Maya that she's a 16 year old, who doesn't understand the real world. Jordyn ends up firing Maya, though eventually re-hires her to nanny and work her in the music studio with her.