Juliana Santoro is Bianca's aunt that she lived with. She made her debut appearance in Hollaback Girl (2).

Character History

Season 11

In Hollaback Girl (2), she arrives home from work, and it is obvious that her and Bianca do not get along very well. Bianca tells her that she needs to book her parent-teacher interviews, and she says, "I don't think so" using her work shifts as an excuse. Bianca tells her that she doesn't even know what times are available yet, and Juliana begins to yell at her about how she broke her curfew last night. Bianca asks her to stop yelling at her, but Juliana tells her that the five years they have been together has been hell with the fights, not knowing where Bianca is at all hours, and with the police showing up with Bianca in handcuffs. She tells Bianca that she is backsliding into her old ways, and Bianca says that she just need one person to believe that she can change, as everyone is so quick to judge her. Juliana snorts and doesn't respond to her, finding her wanting to change a joke.

Bianca later confides into Audra Torres that she doesn't like her aunt. She says she's finally getting good grades, and Juliana won't even go to her parent-teacher conferences, as she has given up on her. Audra then agrees to fill in as her guardian for the interviews.


Bianca mentions Juliana in Hollaback Girl (1), by saying she's taking a lot of shifts at work which is why she hasn't been able to contact lately.

Bianca once mentioned that her aunt had taken diet pills and lost 100 pounds.