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Full Name Jupert
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Family Joseph Santos (Cousin)
Julietta Santos (Cousin)
Manny Santos (Second Cousin)
Mary (Second Cousin)
Unnamed Second Cousin
First Episode We Got the Beat (707)
Last Episode We Got the Beat (707)
Reason He was only present for Manny's debut.
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Nicco Lorenzo Garcia
Jupert is Manny Santos's second cousin. He tried to hit on her, even though they are related, which creeped her out. He was portrayed by Nicco Lorenzo Garcia.

Character History

Season 7


Jupert dancing at Manny's debut.

In We Got the Beat, Jupert and Manny are dancing at a practice for Manny's debut. She tells him that he is dancing all wrong, and he responds that "Waltzing is whack!". Jupert then proceeds to hit on her by stating that she is looking good, very grown up, and she reminds him in that he is her cousin. He points out that he is merely her second cousin, and she says, "Ew!", and pushes him away, before walking over to her parents. When her father offers to dance with her instead of Jupert for learning the waltz, Manny returns to dance to dancing with him, as she doesn't want to dance with her father.

He later attends Manny's debut, and is seen dancing in the crowd near Manny.


  • "Waltzing is whack!"


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