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“Just Can't Get Enough”
Season 9, Episode 1-2
Peter victoria vicky just cant get enough
Can. Airdate

October 4, 2009

U.S. Airdate

October 9, 2009

Prod. Code



Sara Snow (Part 1)
Kate Miles Melville (Part 2)


Phil Earnshaw

Episode Guide

Paradise City


Shoot to Thrill

Just Can't Get Enough are the first and second episodes and the two-part premiere for Season 9 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on October 4, 2009, in Canada, and on October 9, 2009, in the United States.


When Mia is offered a major modeling contract in Paris, Peter decides that he'll go with her, but he soon realizes he doesn't fit into her sophisticated world. At a posh party, feeling frustrated and insecure, a guest offers an unlikely escape: crystal meth. Soon enough, Peter's 'trip' goes terribly wrong. Back at Degrassi, Alli is concerned when new girl Jenna focuses on becoming Clare's friend. There's no way this is going to end well -- and absolutely no way Alli's going to let it.

Main Plot

Mia gets a modeling job in France and Peter is ecstatic with joy because he thinks he will go too. Declan and Fiona invite the couple to their parents' party and Peter makes a fool out of himself. He is later offered meth from Victoria, the Coynes' cousin, and accepts it. He is "energized" and begins to make his public embarrassment even worse. Fiona tells Mia about the meth and Mia brings Peter home and tells him to stop the meth.

Peter says he will, but lies and reverts back to it. He continues to get more and more "happy" as he does. The next day, Mia visits and tells him to get some help. She then apologizes at school and they make up. Peter plans to go with her, but then realizes he doesn't belong with her. She is heart-broken but not surprised since he was right. Mia then tells him to get counseling.

Peter has a meltdown and does more meth. At the dance, he freaks out and goes to the middle of the street at night. The Stüdz and Riley come to the rescue and bring him home. Peter calls his mom and Ms. Hatzilakos returns to help. Peter and Mia get over their fight and promise to keep in touch. 

Sub Plot

Back at Degrassi, Alli is concerned when new girl Jenna focuses on becoming Clare's friend. Alli begins to become  jealous when Clare spends more time with Jenna than her, but eventually they all make up when Jenna says she wants to be friends with both of them. Holly J. is overstressed by "niners" who insist that she follow their demands and can't say no because Blue is convinced that Holly J. is a new, nicer person. Finally, at the dance, she breaks down and dumps Blue.

Part 1

  • "Whoa California" by Stüdz
  • "Shine" by Jessica Tyler
  • "Transform On The Floor" by ETNC
  • "Paris" by The Drew Jurecka Jazz Trio
  • "Don't Call Me Dave" by The Drew Jurecka Jazz Trio
  • "Dance With Dad" by The Drew Jurecka Jazz Trio

Part 2

  • "Whoa California" by Stüdz
  • "Suffer For My Art (Electomix)" by Chicks With Hits
  • "Black Butterfly" by Cure Gravity
  • "Shine" by Jessica Tyler
  • "Get Along" by Fur Patrol
  • "Zebra Zebra Bravo" by Man Your House

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