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Karen Avery
KA (2)
Full Name Karen Avery
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Job Teacher
Librarian (former)
Affiliation(s) Degrassi Junior High School
Degrassi High School
First Episode Kiss Me, Steph (DJH 101)
Last Episode Stressed Out (DH 115)
Portrayed By Michelle Goodeve
Ms. Karen Avery was a former geography and social studies teacher at Degrassi Junior High School. She was portrayed by Michelle Goodeve.

Character History

Degrassi Junior High

Everyone thought Ms. Avery was a lesbian in the season 1 episode Rumor Has It. Caitlin starts to have dreams about sitting on her lap and thinks she may be gay too. Ms. Avery turns out to not be gay. She tells Caitlin at the end of the episode she is not but "Would it make any difference if I were? Would you think less of me, Caitlin?" Caitlin smiles and just shakes her head.

Degrassi High

When Degrassi Junior High burned down, Ms. Avery luckily scores a job at Degrassi High as the school librarian. She is there for a year when she tells Caitlin she will not be returning the next year. Caitlin assumes she got fired and starts a petition to get the school to give her a job. It turns out that the school did offer her a job as a roving teacher but not a full time class. Caitlin is upset that Avery lied to her. Ms. Avery decides to stick with teaching and scores a job in BFE.


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