Karma Police (2) is the thirty-sixth episode and part of the spring block of Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on March 22, 2013.

Main Plot

After being attacked in her loft, Fiona just wants to feel safe. She goes to a shooting range to learn how to use a gun and finds out that she needs a license, to pass a test, and do many other activities in order to buy a gun legally. Paranoid and scared for her life, she attempts to buy a gun from a gang in a sketchy part of town. They lead her into an isolated alley and brutally attack her and steal her wallet, credit cards and money. One of the thugs slams her face on the concrete, scraping her cheek and giving her a black eye. The next day in school, Imogen notices the fresh bruises on Fiona's face, prompting her to divulge what happened that fateful night. She comforts Fiona, and together they walk down the hallway.

Sub Plot

Zig tries to make it up to Madame Jean-Aux by singing a French song, dedicated to her, not knowing its about two lovers. Zig gets laughed off the stage and runs into the hallway, where he is confronted by Madame. She tells him what the song is about and Zig apologizes then leaves. Damon catches him outside where he is crying. Zig tells him about all the bad stuff he has done, and how he keep hurting the ones he cares about. The next day, he asks Madame if he could present his time travel assignment. She says yes. At first, Zig says he would go back in time to before he dumps trash on Madame's car, but he then says he would go back in time to before anything bad ever happened. He then apologizes to everyone who he has hurt. Zig talks to MayaTori and Tristan after class and apologizes again. Before walking away, Maya invites Zig and Damon to be extras in Eli's zombie movie.

Third Plot

Rocky spends the day at Drew and Dallas' house. Dallas tells Alli he is studying Algebra to keep her from coming over. Drew spots Alli in the backyard. Dallas panics and tells Drew to take Rock upstairs while Dallas gets rid of Alli. Before Alli leaves, Drew comes running downstairs with Rock crying and gasping for air. Drew tells Dallas that Rock ate some nuts, which he is allergic to. Alli tells Dallas to call his parents, as Dallas runs to the hospital saying he is Rock's parent. The next day, Alli says she would have kept her kid a secret too if she were in Dallas' shoes. Vanessa comes over and Dallas shows her the section he made for Rock when he comes to visit. She tells him that it was a mistake letting Rock stay over. Vanessa tells Dallas that she sacrificed everything to take care of Rock and Dallas didn't do anything. When Dallas sees Alli in school, he tells her that Rock will always come first.

  • This episode is named after the song "Karma Police" by Radiohead.
  • This episode marks the last appearances of Tori Santamaria and Officer Turner.