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Kate Kerwin
Kate Kerwin Info Photo
Full Name Kate Kerwin
Nickname(s) June Cleaver (by Anne Marie Isaacs)
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Family Jeff Isaacs (Husband)
Ashley Kerwin (Daughter)
Toby Isaacs (Stepson)
Relationships Jeff Isaacs (Husband)
Robert Kerwin (Ex-Husband)
First Episode Family Politics (103)
Last Episode Voices Carry (2) (412)
Episode Count 12
Portrayed By Maria Ricossa

Kate Kerwin is Ashley Kerwin’s mother. She divorced Ashley's father, Robert, after discovering he is gay and has cheated on her with another man (Christopher). Later, she gets together with Jeff Isaacs, Toby Isaacs' father, making Ashley and Toby stepsiblings. She and Robert have been on good terms since their divorce. She later attends her ex-husband's marriage to Christopher. She was portrayed by Maria Ricossa.




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