Lauren Keyana "Keke" Palmer is a singer/songwriter. She portrayed herself and guest starred in the Season 11 premiere, Spring Fever, as Sav's new love interest while on tour.

Character History

Season 11

In Spring Fever, all the students at Degrassi are abuzz about the spring break event Keke Palmer’s concert. Keke Palmar walks up next to Sav and strikes up a conversation. Sav does not recognize her since she tells him her name is Keyana instead of revealing her real name. Sav asks her out for the following day and she says that she will be busy working and invites Sav to come to the club where she will be working. Sav brings his sister, who is a huge Keke fan. During the concert, Keke brings Sav on stage with her and dances with him.

Later, they video chat online and he happens to run into her on the street. Keke grabs his hand and dashes off with him, seeking an escape from her every day rigamarole. They go to The Dot where they are quickly discovered by her bodyguard. She wishes him well and leaves him with a signed note.


  • She tried to escape her manager while in Toronto because she didn't want to continue her "boring" tour.
  • Keke is the second guest star to be famous and go out with a regular character, the first was when Stephanie Kaye went on a date with the soap opera star Damon King in the Degrassi Junior High episode What a Night!.


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  • Sav Bhandari ("Pick-Me-Up" Fling)

    Sav and Keke

    • Start Up: Spring Fever (1101-02)
    • Break Up: Spring Fever (1101-02)
      • ​Reason: Keke had to continue her tour unwillingly after being found by her manager.